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Our love for Fish & Meat is mostly what led us to create this platform. From big time Meat & Fish enthusiasts to sellers, our love for Fish & Meat is primarily what drove us to turn it into an online business. We only want to supply world-class fish, seafood, and meat items that will not only satisfy your meaty desires but also assure that you are getting the best in the market available. Our goal is to become a one-stop shop for all meat lovers, providing quality, safety, and prompt service in any situation.

Every day, we obtain our fish and seafood, chicken, and mutton products directly from the farm to deliver nicely onto your plate.


Our mission is to supply world-class fresh fish, chicken, and meat products to all meat lovers at an accessible price, with the assurance of quality, safety, and prompt service. We pride ourselves on the quality of our products and our commitment to providing the finest service possible.


We want to be a one-stop shop for meat lovers everywhere. Meaty Delight intends to reach all of INDIA's major cities, as well as tier 2, tier 3, and tier 4 cities. We don't want to limit ourselves to the essentials, so we're excited to offer every product related to fish and meat.


To achieve Customer Satisfaction and Loyalty, our philosophy is to maintain Transparency, Product Quality, and On-Time Delivery.

Why Meaty Delight

  • Every day, we purchase fresh fish, chicken, and mutton in order to provide our customers with fresh fish and meats.
  • No preservatives are used.
  • Never frozen, always fresh
  • You get what you pay for (All Products are Delivered) Weight (Net)
  • Assurance from Meaty Delight ( Safe & Hygienic)
  • Deliveries at your doorstep
  • Meat and fish of the highest quality.
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